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Content Creator.Editor.Filmmaker.Drone Operator


As a filmmaker and content creator over the years, storytelling has always been fundamental in engaging digital audiences. from Documentaries, Fashion, short form and finally to social media, I have used my experience to create cinematic videos for my clients. 

Coming from a film and stills industry background, I have seen the shift of traditional production platforms begin to include social media content as part of the production schedule as well as directly producing content for social media. Producers are being asked for content creators to be on set who can shoot content, photograph, create cinemagraphs and even gifs.....


.....More and more, we are shooting products to be advertised on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Linkedin. There is no denying the shift in the role social media is having on society and business.




After working together for the past few seasons creating content, My partner, Ravi and I put together Dos Amigos Creates. The full package content creator team, optimized for social media... and as Ravi says, we are teaming up to create outstanding visuals for you . Please check some of our work on the site by clicking on our logo below...